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Texas State CapitolCities, the government closest to the people, embody the idea that “We the People” should be in control. Cities provide the services that we cannot do without. Those services reflect the will of the local taxpayers. They are not the kind of services people think of when they say they want less government. Put simply: City services are the nuts and bolts of our society.

Starting with Texas’ statehood in 1845, the legislature began creating cities to do its local work.  The Texas Municipal League now represents more than 1,100 cities of every size, shape, and service level.

The locally elected city councils in those cities decide based on the wants of their citizens how to provide appropriate services.They provide police and fire protection, the roads we drive on, local business development, the utilities we need to survive and prosper, the protection of property values through thoughtful rules that benefit everyone, and more. It costs money to provide these services, but keeping taxes low while meeting citizens’ demand for services is a core value of city officials.

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